Only Time Will Tell
@ZacEfron: 26, Enjoy the view while it lasts, cause it always disappears. Status: Single and Never Better. +
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At The Graham Norton Show with Seth Rogen and Matt LeBlanc (April 24).  [x]


Nope! At least I hope I didn’t. She seemed nice, just a little shocked, that’s all. 

Well that’s good, always nice to meet one of those fans.


I am really craving some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right now.


Ew Jelly.


I bumped into this girl at the mall today and she looked angry at first but then she froze. It was really funny. I apologized and she was still frozen, I guess in shock, but as I turned the corner, I heard her scream my name and she came running after me.


You didn’t die, did you?

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Zac with Nick Grimshaw - April 24, 2014


Not in the mood to wake up in the middle of the night to take a plane to Bogota. It’s going to be a long ass day. I still need to pack.


Yikes. That sucks, good luck man.

So I’ve just woken up from my nap, I’m like really heavily medicated rn and kinda loopy, I’ll see if I can come on soon.


I just ate an entire pie by myself. I can’t believe people doubted me.

You’re so small though. How do you not feel like you’ll explode?

New picture of Zac with a fan last week.